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You're a Mean One, Mr. Butker!!!

Is It Really Possible for One Man to Tell All Women How to Live? Our reactions are personal, because Mr. Butker's comments were personal.

As a professional mother who raised two children on her own without child support nor alimony because her New York Stock Exchange ex decided coke was a better idea than his family, I took care of my parents, raised my children and I proudly say my daughter earned an MSW and my son is working on his Ph.D. and speaks globally about human rights.

So if I did not have my Master's degree, I would not have been able to provide for my children, and my children would not be able to go out and help the world.  - Donnalynn Scillieri, MA

I am a woman who chose not to have children, and my life is full and meaningful with family, friends, and work that I love. If I were a man, Mr Butker would congratulate my "free" lifestyle and cheer me. We have to teach generations over and over and over that no one gets to define fulfillment for anyone else. - A. Gerri Budd, PhD


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