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A Work in Progress: The Art of Victoria Kelly

Part of a series: Peace in Action Presents The Journey Within, a forthcoming memoir from Victoria Kelly, Founder and Managing Director at AHHHS - A Helping Hand for Healing Souls

In addition to her writing and poetry, Victoria Kelly uses the transformative power of art to inspire others who may be on a similar path. Victoria has found a way to transform her painful experiences into power, and we are honored to share her journey with you. Our hope is that this series will inspire others to explore the healing potential of art and find their own path towards recovery.

This piece is part of a larger display larger display called A Work in Progress, focusing on the head forehead in particular, inviting the viewer to contemplate the mind behind the exterior.

Victoria Kelly is a writer, poet, artist, and activist living  in Minnesota with her family and  dogs. Her forthcoming memoir, Journey Within, tells the story of her remarkable journey. Victoria is a living example of triumph, and demonstrates how difficult it is to know  what kind of lives and struggles people have come through when we meet them as they are now, thriving and an inspiration.


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