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Black Business Month Highlighted Entrepreneur: Cavaughn Noel

Black Business Month Highlighted Entrepreneur: Cavaughn Noel

Presented by Peace in Action

Every entrepreneur’s journey is filled with unique stories of trials, triumphs, and lessons learned. However, Black entrepreneurs often navigate an additional set of challenges that test their determination and resilience. By diving into their narratives, we hope to foster not just appreciation but also a deeper understanding of their immense contributions to our community and economy.

This Black Business Month, Peace in Action caught up with Cavaughn Noel, founder of Cremme, a technology hub designed to connect Black owned businesses. We discussed the inspiration for the company, the challenges he faced in launching, sustainability, financing, and advice for future entrepreneurs.

Crafting a Legacy

We began with the company name and the brand story. Mr. Noel explained that the name Cremme is inspired by the function of the platform, to communicate that we are delivering the best of the best, or the crème de la crème.  The service offers a curated experience for booking quality Black owned businesses.

On how his background has influenced the direction of the business, Mr. Noel said that Cremme was inspired by the fact that people have experienced the problem of how to find services they need, but not the solution. If you, the customer want to find everything from the best barber, tailor, or internet provider and you want to support a Black owned  business,  Cremme’s aim is to make it easy to find Black businesses in a one-stop, turnkey way. Using their own network to give access to vendors, including providing those vendors access to digital offices, Cremme will provide services to both sides of the audience: a way for the business owners to gain entry into wider networks, and a way for clients to find the businesses of their choice.

Uncharted Territories, Pushing Boundaries

In describing the challenges facing entrepreneurs in general and those faced by Black  entrepreneurs in particular, Mr. Noel noted that the general challenge is in building something that has not been done, and in getting capital and resources.

The greatest skill that any entrepreneur requires is awareness. You need to be aware of what needs to happen in order to get to your next level, and getting the resources to make it happen.

The challenges specific to being Black entrepreneur are that, especially in the tech space, less than 1% of capital is managed by Black investors, and 99% of Black entrepreneurs don’t get access to capital to the same extent that other groups might. In starting a business in areas other than technology, typically the entrepreneur is a one-person shop, and the challenges are in getting a loan, making sure you can have operational efficiency, and access to banks.

There are occasions in which race comes into play, and at times race can spark a useful exchange as well as when it’s a factor in unconscious bias at work; it’s important to be aware of the situation when working with peers, investors, and other experts.

Finally, Black entrepreneurs can be under networked, and rely mainly on friends and family for sources of funding rather than have access to the larger funding mechanisms that are available.

Sustainability & Growth

While sustainability is not a direct factor in how Cremme functions, the platform will have services for different types of vertically integrated companies, and allow companies focused on sustainability to rise to the top. Cremme will platform entities that are investing in sustainability, and both public and private partnerships, including government contracting, can be one avenue by which that goal is accomplished.

Pearls of Wisdom

Mr. Noel has three words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs just setting out. Build for the problem and the person you are solving for first, rather than the product you are selling. You should build your business around that person. Second, be agile about how you arrive at your solutions. The most successful companies remain nimble and adapt in order to continue solving problems for their clients.

Third, financing can be tricky, but there are digital tools including search alerts around grants and funding, and alerts for when something becomes available. Also, seek out partnerships wherever you can to maximize your impact.

Balancing Act

Most important, because the entrepreneur is always at work, Mr. Noel advises to always be mindful of the work-life balance. Find things that give you joy, and make time for them; you can integrate joy into activities that let your business progress, but whether or not that’s the case, you have to make time for your own happiness. Also, a support system of friends and family are crucial, as is the ability to let your mind relax and get back into a simple, younger state and remember your childhood joys. Lastly and with a chuckle, Mr. Noel reminds us: don’t take it all too seriously! While we always take the business seriously, we don’t take life as seriously, and life trumps the business.

Connect with Cavaughn Noel and Cremme

For those interested in learning more about Cremme or connecting with Cavaughn Noel, below are some resources:

Cavaughn Noel is committed to bridging the gap for Black-owned businesses in the tech space and beyond. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this innovative journey.



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