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My Nine-Year Journey with Sasha – the Majestic Australian Cattle Dog/Chow Chow Rescue

Three years ago, I lost my Sasha…my familiar…my Australian Cattle Dog/Chow Chow rescue dog. It seems appropriate to honor her during the last week of Women’s History month.

Sasha was majestic and my love. I am a Women’s and Gender Studies/Sociology professor and a managing partner in a DEI firm and Sasha was right there with me! One of the last things we did together before her illness took over was to contact a friend and colleague Gerri about forming Peace in Action.

Sasha came with me to all my reiki classes when I became a Reiki Master and studied crystals and chakras with me. We met so many empowering women during our nine years together. She came with me to Asbury Pride Celebration with the NJ Coalition to End Domestic Violence (NJEDV) when I chaired the LGBT Task force as an ally. Sasha sat at the table with powerhouse women as we educated the people who wanted to understand.

Sasha rescued me when I wandered into the Woodbridge Animal Shelter. The women who operated the shelter, Heather and Tracy, were warriors for rescue efforts and worked tirelessly to find loving homes for the animals. They did not mess around; they were serious and found justice for the animals in their care. Sasha and I met the women of Friends of Wayne Animals (FOWA) who had the biggest hearts – Jodi, Donna and Shirley, to name just a few. There was also Debbie from the Wayne Animal Shelter, who was instrumental in helping me find work to leave my abuser.

Sasha and I would often visit dear friends, including Adrienne from Wall Street who broke down barriers facing women in trading and Michele, who was an attorney, professor and councilwoman. We spent a lot of time with remarkable women, learning and growing together. When the weather permitted, we sat at outdoor cafes with friends and met amazing women; one day we met an artist, Andrea, who I still connect with, along with many other talented and wonderful people. Sasha traveled with me and together we had many adventures and met so many inspirational women.

Sasha found me when she was two years old. Sadly, she had suffered terrible abuse but with me she learned to love and trust and live life LARGE!!! Through her I learned about the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence and was an expert witness in a court case on the subject.

My will always be loved and missed!  In your honor, two rescues adopted me because the hole you left in my heart was so big – Indigo and Dakota…You must watch and laugh because they are a little naughty. Run free and pain free my love! I know you are safe with my Nana.


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