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On the Creation of Snowflakes

Controversy about what children are learning in school is not new…

we only need to begin with the Scopes Monkey Trial and the teaching of evolution and move on from there. However, the new hysteria over what’s being taught in the classroom has a direct cause.

The breadth of protests and calls for social justice in the summer of 2020 caught a lot of people by surprise. Young people, people of all races and backgrounds, took to the streets to demand an examination of our values and our systems in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Predictably, calls for justice expanded to include gender issues as well because MeToo and It Gets Better still resonate with young people. The people who were unprepared for the calls for justice reached a consequential conclusion: That their young people and children are being brainwashed in school to hate America.

That protesting injustice is equated to protesting America herself is a leap of logic breathtaking in its cynicism, but the backlash we are experiencing came swiftly and continues to play out in fiery school board shouting matches.

But, what must be asked of people who are passionately opposed to what they call CRT and, more alarmingly, “grooming,” is, what exactly do they want the children to learn?

What they don’t want the children to learn is proclaimed loudly. They don’t want children to learn that America is still grappling with issues of race and inclusivity – so much so, that they don’t want children to learn anything that makes anyone feel depressed or uncomfortable. But what does that comfortable curriculum look like? What is in it?

Do they want the children to learn that the pilgrims came here to “civilize the savage Indian?” Because they used to teach that. Do they want children to learn that “the black African is better off in productive use in the fields, than living godless savage lives in the jungle?” Because they used to teach that. Do they want the children to learn that “a woman’s place is in the home?” Because they used to teach that. Do they want the children to learn about “dangerous perversions of unnatural lifestyles?” Because that’s the closest they used to get to teaching about gender.

The big question: What is the purpose of handicapping a generation by limiting their exposure to the truth?

It is an insult to our children to deny them the full truth of the history of the nation, the human experience, and the realities of human life and family formation. It is a deliberate attempt to narrow minds, and intentionally building a generation of snowflakes, and we have to name it as such.


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