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On the Importance of the New Year

The importance of the New Year is not reflecting on what happened in the past year or your New Year’s Resolution. The importance of New Year is gratitude; to express gratitude for the little things in your life, the little miracles… on the emotional scale, the highest emotion above love is gratitude.

Without gratitude, you cannot make room for the new blessings in your life. The blessings will come if you prepare for them. The opposite end of the emotional scale is not depression nor sadness but shame… the worst emotion to feel is shame. Above shame is sadness…then there is anger. Anger without violence makes us reach inside and make a change. The changes you begin, bring hope, positivity, joy and love – but the utmost is gratitude.

Happy New Year and take a moment to make a list of everything you are grateful for going into the New Year!


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