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The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

It Does Not Matter What Side of the Bench You Are On… There Are Problems for Everyone

There are two big problems right off the bat: The first is you are opening the door to any Right being reversed, regardless of what they promise because the precedence is set. The second, is you do not have an infrastructure laid out to support the severe rise in births. The arguments in favor are priceless: all the “infants will go to loving homes,” except they will not. You are not considering children born drug addicted nor with any other issues that adopters do not want to take on in their busy lives. The older the child becomes the harder it is for the child to find a permanent home. Also, where will you find all these adopters? You do realize that all of these children need to be raised in loving and caring environments and we do not have the infrastructure to support that.

So, let us continue with how this affects everyone on both sides of the bench with the overturning of Roe v. Wade:

Has anyone noticed, everyone who argued to overturn Roe v. Wade have not addressed the horrendous child support system in this country? The amounts of support set by the courts vary state to state and often are set too low and that includes the custodial parent working, too. It is very difficult to collect because the laws that govern child support vary state to state with loopholes!!! The deadbeat parent often moves to a state that does not seriously enforce the child support law, leaving the custodial parent high and dry in the initial state where the child support was ordered.

Trust me, I have been there, done that and have the t-shirt!!! My initial child support was set at $30 week to a NYSE employee and took 16 years to collect in New Jersey.

The solution is to create child support laws with realistic dollar amounts in line with the cost of raising a child and here is the real kicker – ENFORCE the child support laws!!! No exceptions, no extensions…Why? Children need to eat three times a day, a roof over their head and clothes

on their back and that does not mean you can miss a payment and leave the custodial parent to figure it all out. Custodial parents already contribute 35% to 65% more than the non-custodial parents.

Unless, you have raised kids on your own with a deadbeat – do not dream of challenging anything!!!

That argument would have made them leave Roe v. Wade alone!

There is still more repair to the broken infrastructure: the broken foster care system, the state differences in child abuse laws, and “rehoming!!!” (At this point, do not dream of blaming the mother or any other antiquated argument.)

There are sincere foster parents who do an amazing job and then there are more who do not and more who abuse their foster children. Any number of abused children in foster care is too high and there are not enough trained childcare workers and social workers to oversee such a massive system. The foster care system needs a national overhaul, but no one wants their taxes raised to cover such an undertaking.

So, the next argument is to bring back orphanages and do not worry because your tax dollar can go to experienced childcare handlers. The same childcare handlers on the U.S./Mexican border: BCFS, a global organization of nonprofits, received over $179 million in federal contracts; and General Dynamics, the global aerospace and defense company, and MVM Inc., which until 2008 contracted with the U.S. government to supply guards in Iraq. Guards…children you do see there is a serious lacking connection. Right now, the U.S. is spending $60 million dollars a week on the children separated from their parents on the Mexican border. Now add all of the unwanted children to that list.

What can possibly go wrong? Besides, EVERYTHING!

A few years ago, Reuters exposed “rehoming.” No problem, you do not like the child you adopted, just list the child on Craig’s list or the Child Exchange and voilà, rehomed to strangers.

In January 2022, there was a case found on TikTok as though the child were a pet. The difference is pets have more protections than these children. It is not illegal in all of the states to rehome children.

No woman wakes up and says to themselves, “it is the perfect day for an abortion.” You do realize that woman need to control their bodies and make informed decisions on what is best for them at that time. Many women are forced into desperate situations and as a country we cannot help them, as naively as you may believe. We cannot even keep children safe in learning environments from gunfire, we cannot keep children safe from mass shooters and stray bullets. But let me stay on topic because you never know if they will come for your guns next because they will come for your birth control…just saying.


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